Witty? Maybe.
Smart? I hope so.
Interesting? I guess.


When the mood strikes me and im not knee deep in a project or three, I love to sit down and write up what I'm thinking about on industry, life, or anything thats randomly trucking through my head like perhaps why I was such a big Jake the Snake fan as a child.

Itsa me!

The pitfalls and joys of being a fantastic freelancer.



10 Years.




Does your title truly matter?

You seem to be a Unicorn UX Creative Lead Idea Hunter to me.



I’ll facebook you my twitter so you can see my instagram.

I was pondering snapchatting my pinterest through my facebook live for this.



“Terror grips a peaceful city. Terror that wears a loin cloth.”

Sometimes a Freakazoid reference is the best thing to explain how I'm doing.