On occasion I jot down some thoughts on something that moves me to write. Those ideas get listed out here.


Itsa me!

The pitfalls and joys of being a fantastic freelancer.

Hello? Is this thing on? Sorry, sometimes I have to check and make sure theres an audience. And such is this life of the newbie freelancer. ...




10 Years.


10 years. A decade, a tenth of a century, a hell of a lot of days, a crazy amount of hours, an amazing amount of minutes, and seconds you can't possibly manage to fathom ...




Does your title truly matter?

You seem to be a Unicorn UX Creative Lead Idea Hunter to me.

Ok, follow me along a path of random thought here, does your title truly matter in this industry anymore short of attaching jr, intermediate and senior to it? ...




I’ll facebook you my twitter so you can see my instagram.

I was pondering snapchatting my pinterest through my facebook live for this.

So to start, here's a quick note, I don't hate social media, and I have a bunch of different app accounts, so this is not a grumpy old man post about those young kids and how they are wrecking my lawn ...




“Terror grips a peaceful city. Terror that wears a loin cloth.”

Sometimes a Freakazoid reference is the best thing to explain how I'm doing.

Ok, its not really a peaceful city, and not so much a beast in a loin cloth, but terror is just about right. I'm currently waging the internal debate of full time in office gig, or go ahead and be a full time hired gun ...