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10 Years.


August 31, 2017

By Milan Simnovec



10 years. A decade, a tenth of a century, a hell of a lot of days, a crazy amount of hours, an amazing amount of minutes, and seconds you can’t possibly manage to fathom.

10 years is also how long I have been married to the one person who has truly understood me, cared for me, loved me, and supported me, with the occasional kick in the pants in there as well.

My wife is the most amazing person I have ever met, her smile lights up a room, her eyes are filled with a light and energy that are unmatched by anyone else, with the possible exception of our crazy lil children. She has a positivity that I simply don’t understand sometimes with my pessimistic soul.

Through every high and low, and all of the in-between my wife is the one who makes our family tick, while I on occasion make it tock, and without her I truly don’t know where I would be in my life.

So, ya, 10 years of marriage, good lord how did that creep up so fast? granted I could also ask how in the world we’ve known each other for 17 years, how we didn’t know we were perfect for each other the first moment we met each other, and how in the ever loving world we thought moving in together after dating for a month was sane, but I suppose those are questions for another day.

In these crazy, joy filled, lord only knows what first 10 years of marriage, we have become not just a couple for life, we became parents, something I can never thank her for enough. I love our boys so damn much, Jordan was our first, and in true to us fashion, he pouted in the cutest damn way minutes after his birth and sealed my fate to being a sucker for anything he wanted. Matthew was our second miracle, popping up just under 2 years ago, and again, coming into the world with a silly cute smile that let me know I would be kicking myself for giving him whatever he wanted as well.

Jess is an amazing mother, a rock for our family. Where I fall down and don’t know what to do as a parent, she steps in like a super hero blasting through the wall to save the day. From dragging my hermit self out of the house to make sure the kids can play and visit all sorts of fun places, to simply calling and making a drs appointment, to snuggling the boys to sleep, she makes me grateful every day that we are in this together, and the look on the boys faces when I say lets do something nice for mom says what I need to know from them as well.

10 years. Jesus. 10 Years married. It feels like a hiccup some days, theres no way its been this long, but then again maybe thats the fun part, it doesn’t feel too long, it doesn’t feel long at all, and maybe thats due to how much fun we have, how much we laugh, how much we still appreciate each other, and how much telling someone you love them every day means.

For some reason she still puts up with my bad jokes, my neurotic obsession with work, and the random smack on the butt when I walk past her.

On our wedding day I said that I looked forward to seeing her face before going to bed just as much as I looked forward to waking up and seeing her face in the morning, and that holds true even more today, and it will as long as we are both here on this earth.

10 has been amazing, 10 has been a miracle, 10 has been a blessing, but 10 is not enough, I want 20, then I want 30, then 40, then 50, then 60, and oh yes, 70 please.

Jess, I will always love you. Thank you for everything now, and everything in the future, my dear sweet beautiful wife.