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Exactly who is this Milan guy?

Milan Simnovec - A profile picture

I’m a digital designer based in Edmonton, Canada, who has been creating in and enjoying this industry for over twenty years. Over those years, adding in skills when needed, wanted, and just plain curious about.

I’ve always been proud of the statement “I love what I do for a career” when I talk to others about just what it is I do, no matter where I do it, or for whom I do it for. I’m a rather lucky person in that way, as not many people get to express what’s in their minds into a fully functioning idea in front of them, but thankfully, that’s what I do on a daily basis.

My specialty is to be able to see the problems, bring up the questions to solve those, and turn that all into a plan, with a solution to move forward with that will provide actual useful, and productive results.

The services I provide are broad, the process is simple and productive, and I’m happy to chat with anyone who is interested in either or both.



  1. User Experience (UX/UI)
  2. Visual Design
  3. Art Direction
  4. Prototyping
  5. Front End Web Development
  6. Content Management (CMS)
  7. Mobile and Web Applications
  8. Project Management