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Arkane Creative

Front End Development, Content Management (CMS)

Arkane Creative, Patrick O’Kane, Family Future Staff



The Challenge

Every business needs to refresh their look, their methods of operation and their focus every so often, and this became the issue for Family Futures. With a new online registration service portal in place, the existing site was in need of a refresh in look, organization, and most importantly back end organization.


The Solution

A ton of research into the methods of use, the existing and upcoming programs usage, and the current site interactivity were delved into by Arkane Creative to come up with a newly designed and thought out site that could achieve and surpass the Family Futures staff goals moving forward.

I was then brought in to take this fantastic redesign, and develop it into a streamlined, responsive, easy to maintain site, that the staff could manage on their own, and that could be comfortably adapted to upcoming program and administrative requests.