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Hungry Herd

User Experience (UX/UI), Visual Design, Front End Development, Content Management (CMS), Project Management

Habit, Hungry Herd Staff, Jake Belke, Maegan Crowley



The Challenge

Starting from an idea. The guys at Hungry Herd had an idea, we have great quality meats, we know we can sell them at competitive prices, but we dont want to open a store, we want to be able to deliver to anyone where they are, we want to deliver to individuals and families and take some shopping and stocking up the freezer stress out of their lives.


The Solution

Taking their idea, we came up with a plan, one that included creating a brand and marketing strategy, and one that included an easy to manage and easy to use website that could be accessed regardless of device. By creating a large volume of wireframes, turning those into fantastic complete designs, and then a fully functioning site, we were able to deliver their message and products to a wide audience, with an extremely successful initial launch, and currently very sustainable and increasing base.